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Build / Fix Microsoft Access Databases for improving your business

Client Client Description Database Description
VBS Material Handling, Chesterfield, Virginia VBS is a distributor of Material Handling trucks and attachments. They count Northrup Grumman, Newport News Shipbuilding, and MeadWestvaco as their largest clients We've built the Microsoft Access database that VBS uses as the backbone of their Order tracking. All contracts are managed through this Access database and it integrates with their Accounting and ERP systems. In addition to this Access database, we've also built and currently maintain a Bill of Lading database for VBS to track the trucks and accessories that go to / from the client locations and VBS' locations

History of client relatioship: We were referred to VBS 8 years ago by Frank Butler and Proxios. Frank (Total IT Solution Using Cloud Computing Technology: asked us to take over a database he'd built years before for VBS. We've been expanding, improving, and maintaining that database ever since.

Database environment: This Order tracking Access database is housed on the Proxios servers that all users at VBS' geographically dispersed locations can use. It has a SQL Server back end and attachs to yet another SQL Server mirror of their ERP system.
Greystone, Inc. Greystone is a machining and plating company headquartered in Lincoln, RI. We work mostly at their Toano, VA plant outside of Williamsburg, VA The Access database we built imports Excel Templates created from TMIs (Thickness measuring instruments) in order to chart Thickness variations and determine where opportunities exist for improving processes

History of client relationship:Mark Mann of Uptime Solutions Professional Services Group (a technology consulting firm with highly experienced network engineers and project managers has been a great partner for the past 15 years and brought us in to his client, Greystone, to work with their Quality manager to improve their processes.

Access Database environment: This database is house on the servers at the plant. The excel files are produced to a central location by the TMIs. The database automatically reviews the folder location for new Excel files, imports them (they are complex templates using naming conventions) and moves the files out of the folder to a final destination folder. We will be connecting this Quality Management Access database to a MySQL mirror of a Cubex machine to further drill into the complexities of machinery plating in order to improve efficiencies and manufacturing quality
Ball Corporation Ball is an advanced aluminum technology manufacturing company based outside of Denver, Colorado. We primarily work at their Staunton, Virginia plant We've modified two Access database for Ball for their operations manager and their quality manager. The first Access database tracks the orders and shipments of their products across the world. The second database tracks the quality of the products manufactured and measures trace elements in samples

History client relationship: One of Ball's network engineers was tasked with fixing their operations database. He called me in and I received their database through emails, scheduled a conference call to discuss changes, and provided them with a quote. Since then we leveraged our success on that database to get into the quality department and improve that Access database as well.

Database environment: The operations database is an Access front end with an Access backend used by multiple users within a single plant. The Quality database is much the same, but it receives text files created by the plant machinery for measuring quality. The sample data is interpreted by the Access database we modified and supplies reports for managing the overall quality and efficiency of the plant operations