Upgrade Access 97

Upgrade Access97 Database

Access is stopping support for Access 97. There are complexities in ugrading this older version to the new, .accdb format. Give us a call and we'll help you through the process. We are doing this for many clients just like you.

We've recently performed this upgrade for Routt County Alcohol Council in Steam Boat, Colorado. They were so happy with the results and price that they wrote us a recommendation.

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We also build professional Access Database solutions for the manufacturing industry. More information here: Access Database programmers for the manufacturing industry

Here are some clients we have helped:



Project Description

Advanced Printing Richmond, VA Fix Access Database Advanced Printing is a full service printing firm in Richmond Virginia. They have an Access database for label making. They needed to do some advanced text concatenation in order to make labels properly for one of their clients. We've have a lot of experience handling .csv downloads into Access databases and scrubbing/manipulating the data. This experience was useful getting Advanced printing the Access database


Our Process

  1. Discovery Conversation
  2. Agree to scope of work
  3. Test plan creation
  4. Iterative database development with client input
  5. Database rough draft delivery
  6. Database final implementation
  7. Database user documents
  8. Database developer documents