Subcontract / Partner with us for your Client's database

How Partnership Works

  • URS Corporation
    Built Access database for URS' client: Marine Corps Camp Lejeune. Database tracks Hunter Information Screen, License Screen, Violation Screen. Rank Maintenance screen and Record of Sales Report. Camp LeJeune is in North Carolina and is a Department of Defense, Military, Marine Corps
  • Ensafe
    Subcontracted to build a web application/SQL Server database for their Military client: Camp Peary, Department of Defense, CIA training in Williamsburg, VA
  • Sherman Howard
    Partner to build Access databases for their Communications client Verizon Wireless in Denver CO
  • Convergent Business Solutions LLC
    Partner to build Access database for their Retirement Home client: Virginia Baptist Homes, a retirement community
  • Epitome Systems
    Subcontract to Fix Access database for determining hospital emergency room time differentials for their client Bon Secours in Baltimore, MD
  • Burnstone Computer Services
    Subcontract to build Access databases for associations and retirement home management: Masons of Virginia
  • Bear Technologies
    Partner to fix Access database for their Police Client: Police Department, Klamath Falls, OR
  • AVB Solutions
    Subcontract to Build Access database for their healthcare client: Veteran's Hospital in Richmond, VA
  • Uptime Solutions
    Partner to build a manufacturing quality tracking access database for their client: Greystone in Toano, VA (near Westpoint and Williamsburg)
  • Ritchie and Associates
    Subcontract to build an historical demand based Access Database to manage inventory for their paper packaging manufacturing client: MeadWestvaco (Fortune 500) in Richmond, VA

Build / Fix your Access Database

How we Build and Fix an Access Database

  • The Pancake Man
    Fix Access Database to run Pancake catering business outside of Milwaukee, WI. Heavy interaction with Microsoft Outlook including customized calendar events. Mail Merge letters accomplished through Access Reports. Complex Data entry logic.
  • Blake Law Firm
    Fixed and modified Access Database for matter tracking for a Chicago Illinois attorney firm. We also host this database on our server for them.
  • Prairie Land Services
    Built an Access Database for Car Repossesion Company in Wichita, Kansas. This database manages the back office expense entry and reporting for the various employees and subcontractors that work at Prairie Land
  • API Services
    Internal Time and Expenses data input and reporting for managing a nationwide staff of consultants and projects, all in an Access Database
  • Capital One - IT PMO
    Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company
  • American Mechanical
    Fix Access database
  • Capital One - JLL.
    Build Access database for Fortune 500 credit card company. Real estate project management for west creek buildout
  • Atlantic Constructors, Inc.
    Build a Microsoft Access database in Chesterfield Virginia to determine pricing for Mechanical Engineer
  • Simpson Strong Tie
    Built New Batch process tracking Access database to manage the production and shipping of batches
  • PepsiCo Worldwide Flavours
    Built Access Database for Concentrate portion of Bottling Business. Tracking productivity of resources within the manufacturing / bottling facility. Modified database previously built for PA plant and imported raw data from Excel

Integrate Access with Other programs

How Integration Works

  • Masonomics
    Microsoft Access Database for a commercial mason that sends text messages, connects to SQL Server web database for mobile web pages, and retrieves Timberline project information for project resource scheduling
  • VibrAlign
    Distributor of Vibration Analysis equipment to manufacturing firms. Access database connects to outlook to schedule training and equipment deliveries for that training. Connects to Navision to retrieve customer and contact information.
  • France Environmental
    Environmental Engineering firm in Richmond, VA. Access database that connects to Peachtree Accounting to retrieve current project information. The Database manages and tracks projects and resources until completion.
  • API Services
    Precision measurement and tool calibration for manufacturing clients, we built an Access database for API Sensor that tracks associates timesheets and expenses for management reporting and reimbursement/payroll. This application connects to SQL Server which is hosted on Data Control's Web Server.
  • Hospital Hospitality House
    Access database for charity hotel organization. This hotel management application interacts with both a Topaz Signature pad for capturing hotel guest signatures as well as Adobe Acrobat and for producing .pdf files.

Welcome to Data Control

We are a small group of expert Microsoft Access Database developers. We love Access and enjoy improving business processes through the databases we develop.

We started building databases back in 1998. Pepsi Bottling Group (now Pepsi International), Hercules Chemical, Crown Petroleum and Christian Children’s Fund were a few of our earliest clients.

Since then, we’ve programmed Access databases for the Air Force, the Army, Capital One, DuPont, Circuit City, GenWorth Financial, Suntrust, Verizon Wireless and many, many more companies.

Our clients are across the nation and include Nestle Beverage in California, Prairie Land Services in Wichita Kansas, Capital One auto finace in Texas and Hibernia bank in Louisiana. We’ve also built Access databases for ClementPappas Beverages in Fayetteville Arkansas, for Pepsi Bottling outside of New York, New York, and New World Pasta in St Louis Missouri. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve built Access databases for CFA Financial in Greenville, South Carolina; built training tracking Access databases for Progress Energy in Raleigh North Carolina, and recently we’re working with ShermanHoward Law firm in Denver, Colorado. Still more! The Blake Horowitz Law Firm in Chicago, Illinois is our client and the Virginia Beach Fire department as well.

How and why do all these folks work with us? Well the why is because we are recognized across the nation as professional Microsoft Access Developers. Not only do we build professional databases with excellent naming conventions, coding practices, clean interfaces and professional reports, but we are excellent at communicating with clients, following up, debugging our work and more.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve also seen particular niches of database requests. It seems that environmental engineers (URS, Ensafe, Angler Environmental, France Environmental, Vulcan Material, and RockTenn Corporation) have a glaring need for Access databases. We also work with lots of quality managers for instance: Ball Corporation, Greystone Manufacturing, ClementPappas and more. Training tracking is yet another niche for the Access Experts at our firm. We’ve built training tracking databases for ClementPappas (again), Altria (parent company of Philip Morris), and Progress Energy (nuclear engineer training). We also see lots of demand from Mechanical Engineers including Fire Life Safety America, Hungerfoord Mechanical, and Chase Heating and Cooling. There’s also lots of demand for our services in the legal world. We count ShermanHoward, McGuireWoods (expert witness work), SandsAnderson, LeClairRyan, and many other firms as our clients.

Do you need a database that interacts with your accounting system? We integrate our databases with Timberline, Oracle, JD Edwards, SAP, Quickbooks, and Peachtree.

Do you need an Access database that imports / exports either .csv or Excel files? We’ve done lots of that too. Cleaning, scrubbing, and importing are all tasks we’ve gotten very good at doing.

Partnering with Data Control

About half of our business comes from strategic partners. We work with Network Engineering firms like ActivSupport (New York), Bear Technologies (Portland, OR), Fisk Information Technology (Pittsburgh), SyCom Technologies, and many more. We’ve also worked through Federal Contractors like ASCG, Goodwill, and MatlenSilver. Another group of folks partnering/subcontracting us is management consultants like Ritchie Consulting.

How does partnership work with us? Well first of all you should know that we take your client relationship very seriously and professionally. We will bring you into all conversations and protect your client relationship. We will work as transparently as you like, or you might hand a client off to us because you don’t wish to be a middle man and we’ll take great care of them for you (and take care of you as well!)


Our Process

  1. Discovery Conversation
  2. Agree to scope of work
  3. Test plan creation
  4. Iterative database development with client input
  5. Database rough draft delivery
  6. Database final implementation
  7. Database user documents
  8. Database developer documents