Data Comparison/Change made easy?

I do a weekly download from a .csv file (for my client).

They want to visually compare the orig data (in a form) to the new data.  Then they may or may not want to accept any data changes.

So I’m building them a data comparison form (pop up) to lie on top of the current (old) data.  I’m changing colors on the popup form to visually indicate which data has changed.  And I’m adding a function to the double click event of the controls so they may easily accept the changes.  Why a function?  so I won’t clutter the coded window and so I can handle the various currentdb.execute update statements all in one place.

But here’s what I’d like to know:  From the properties window of the popup form, how do I pass in the name of the control in the function in the double click event?  That sure would have saved me a lot of time!




data form comparison

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