Manpower resource scheduling and communication with an Access Database for commercial contractors

I recently wrapped up database development for a commercial mason, Masonomics, here in Richmond, VA.  Masonomics is a large masonry outfit that works on a variety of government, educational, and commercial projects across Virginia.   They regularly run 10 or more projects simultaneously and employ 300 folks on those projects.

Figuring out where manpower resources should be tomorrow is a big deal to these guys.  Maybe it’s a big deal to your organization too?

So we built an Access database that tracks current projects and foremen and the desired manpower resources for those projects.  We store and manage the cell phone numbers for the foremen and the employees/subcontractors that Masonomics employs.  We use those cell numbers to send texts to the employees letting them know where to be the next days.

At the end of the day, around 5:00PM, it is a superintendent’s responsibility to look at all the projects he/she is responsible for and manage the manpower resources for those commercial masonry projects throughout Virginia.  That may mean moving masons, laborers, construction machinery operators, etc from one job to another.  This Access database we developed does that.

When the project superintendent moves a manpower resource from one Virginia masonry project to another project, the manpower resource (employee) being moved receives a text message for his assignment tomorrow.  Furthermore the foremen for both the sending and receiving project receive text messages making them aware of the move.

This saves Masonomics management an immense number of evening work hours they used to spending making phone calls.  You can visualize all of these employees across Virginia instantly knowing where they should report tomorrow without 300 phone calls having to be made!

Lastly, every day the entire company is updated on whom is to be at which Virginia construction project.  In the morning, the foremen for the projects are responsible for logging into their mobile phone web page where they see their currently assigned resources.  They mark the necessary resources as (U) Unexcused Absent, (E) Excused Absent, and (T) Tardy.  That information then updates the Access Database (through a SQL Server/Web connection) and the superintendents for Masonomics may then see at a glance where they are having manpower issues as early as 8:00AM.

Please give us a call if you’d like to discuss a similar application for your company!

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