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We've built and fixed Access Databases for General Contractors, Commercial Masons (Masonomics), Mechanical Engineers (Fire Life Safety America, Colonial Mechanical), Excavators (JA Walder) and more.

Commercial Contractors always have a need for Access Databases. While the larger firms rely on Timberline or a similar ERP system, they often desire more flexibility or features than Timberline (or other systems) can offer. So we often bolt on our Access Databases to such systems to provide manpower reporting and scheduling (Masonomics, Richmond, VA) or Commission Sales Reporting (Fire Life Safety America) or other similar database functionality

We often interact with Timberline and other Accounting/Project management ERP systems. We've supplied information from Access databases to AutoCad for example, and built both manpower scheduling and commission sales tracking systems using Timberline Data.

We've built Commercial Construction Access databases for creating proposals for foundation implementation, tracking historical bids and pricing of materials for the bids, overall project management, job costing and more functionality.

We also build expert PHP and MySQL web application solutions for the education industry. More information here: PHP and MySQL web application solutions for the education industry

We also build professional Access Database solutions for the manufacturing industry. More information here: Access Database programmers for the manufacturing industry

Here are some clients we have helped in the Construction industry:



Project Description

Modern Foundations Baltimore, MD Modern Foundations builds commercial foundations
Radon Testing Labs ,
Masonomics Chesterfield, VA Microsoft Access Database for a commercial mason that sends text messages, connects to SQL Server web database for mobile web pages, and retrieves Timberline project information for project resource scheduling. This is one of the most complex Access Databases we've built considering the number of integrations with other systems.
Boone Homes, Inc. Manakin-Sabot, VA Build access database for residential home builder: Warranty Management
Roofing Consulting Services Richmond, VA Commercial Roof Consulting Firm. The Company sends crews across the country to photograph and notate deficiencies in commercial roofs. That data is centrally collected, entered into the Access Database we support, and generates complex, 70 page .pdf file reports. The database gives the user the options to manipulate the sections of the reports prior to creating the .pdfs. We use VBA code to automate the .pdf file creation process.


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Our Process

  1. Discovery Conversation
  2. Agree to scope of work
  3. Test plan creation
  4. Iterative database development with client input
  5. Database rough draft delivery
  6. Database final implementation
  7. Database user documents
  8. Database developer documents