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Access Database Consulting Consultant developer programmer

Consultant services need to track their inventory of skills in order to match those skills to their clients. We've done this for Dekra Consulting in Philadephia, PA. They had a complex Access Database built and needed to modify this for their current needs. They needed an Expert Access Database consultant and called us in.

Consultants also need to provide Access Database services to their clients. We get subcontracted in such situations. Ritchie Consulting subcontracted us to their client: MeadWestvaco. We built an inventory management database for this huge Fortune 500 packaging company.

We also build expert PHP and MySQL web application solutions for the education industry. More information here: PHP and MySQL web application solutions for the education industry

For more information on New York City Access Databases for Consulting firms: New York City Access database for consulting firms

Here are some clients we have helped in the Consulting industry:



Project Description

DEKRA Certification, Inc.

Philadelphia, PA

DEKRA Consulting is a Germany based company. Their Phildelphia office uses an Access Database as the backbone of their USA practice. It tracks clients, consultants, and the status of consulting project/engagements.

We took their back end Access tables and converted them to MySQL tables. We then migrated the data from the current Access database to the MySQL tables.

Now DEKRA's employees may easily use the database across the country and the world.

We provided a free Microsoft Access quote for this project and then did the work

We did this work for the DEKRA office in Philadelphia, PA.

From the Dekra Website ( We have a proven track record improving quality, business performance, people skills, workflows and processes of our global clients. Today our team serves a variety of industrial clients, but the core of our expertise was built in the role of preferred partner to the global automotive industry. Our strong international presence, industry expertise and close ties with the automotive trade result in high recognition amongst manufacturers, importers, dealers, independent repairer chains, suppliers and automotive service providers.

Advanous a division of Enterbridge

Glen Allen, VA

Fix Access Database